Elope to the Smoky Mountains

The word elopement conjures up images of “running away” and having a secret ceremony with only the bride, groom, a minister, and witness in attendance. It is often a last-minute decision, sometimes based on vacation plans and work schedules. During this time of pandemic, couples are choosing to elope somewhere to have the opportunity for amazing photographs, and then return home to have a reception with family and guests. We have had couples from Denmark, Canada, California, New Yok and Hawaii visit the Smoky Mountains with the intention of getting married while in the area.

The smaller ceremonies listed as follows have been designed for elopement types of weddings. We are not a wedding chapel but we have several ceremony sites from which to choose. Saturdays are for our larger events which require more time and usually have more than thirty guests. Our elopement ceremonies can be booked for weekdays or weeknight afternoons during peak season. However, if you have a last-minute decision to have a wedding in our area, give us a call at 865.803.7075 or email at sampsonshollow@aol.com to check to see if we have availability for a Friday afternoon or Saturday.

The following holidays (regardless of the day that the holiday falls on) will be priced as a peak day: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day weekend and the Saturday following Thanksgiving; Closed on the following holidays– Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Please click on the links above to view our various elopement options — Lavender, Dragonfly, Holly Berry, and Wildflower Dreams. The description in each listing will provide details and pricing. For more information and to make a booking, please contact Lesley at 865-803-7075

Dragonfly Dreams

Legend and lore of the Appalachian Mountains spoke of the dragonfly as a “carrier of dreams.” If you make a wish when a dragonfly appears, it will come true, or so the legend suggests. Sampson’s Hollow offers a small and simple option when the ceremony is just for the bride and groom, without guests or family members attending. Priced at $785.00 plus TN sales tax

Holly Berry Dreams

A myth regarding the holly berry is that if you hang Holly Berry over your bed while sleeping, your dreams will come true. For a bride and groom who want a romantic ceremony with the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains with a few guests and more time, we offer a weekday or evening package (Monday through Thursday, and Friday morning) Priced at $1485.00 TN plus tax.

Evergreen Dreams

Evergreens are a one of nature’s symbols of eternal life. Their branches grow upward, and roots run deep. Both characteristics represent the hope for a long and happy marriage. A ceremony held in Sarah’s Glen, on our footbridge by the meadow, at the Meadow Pergola, or on the covered front porch of our red barn (in the event of bad weather) Priced at $2485.00 plus TN sales tax.

Lavender Dreams

One hour on the property for arrival, ceremony, photography and departure. The bride and groom should arrive dressed and ready for their ceremony. There are no guests included in this option. A witness will be provided. This simply classic option includes the minister and choice of locations on the farm. Flowers and photography not included. Priced at $585.00 TN plus tax.